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Ambassador Zhang Limin Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of the Infrastructure Development Project

     Guyana Power and Light Company held a commissioning ceremony of the infrastructure development project aided by China on December 17, 2014. Chinese ambassador to Guyana, His Excellency Zhang Limin, Prime Minister of Guyana Samuel Hinds, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh were present at the ceremony.

     Ambassador Zhang extended congratulations on the commissioning of the project and pointed out that power, an important component of the energy sector, is vital to the economic and social development of Guyana and closely related to people’s life. This project is a good thing delivered by the Guyanese government to the people and the country. Ambassador Zhang expressed gratitude for the Guyanese Government’s support of the project.

     Prime Minister Hinds said that the project symbolized an important step of the economic development and modernization of Guyana and boosted the upgrading and interconnectivity of the grids of Guyana. He thanked the Chinese government for the financial support and indicated that the government of Guyana, with an open attitude, welcomed more investors including Chinese companies to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation in Guyana.

     The infrastructure development project was undertaken by the Chinese National Machinery Import and Export Corporation by using the preferential loans from China. After its commissioning, the efficiency of power transmission and supply of Guyana will be greatly improved. And it will also lay foundation for the use of hydro power in the future.

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