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Ambassador Yu Wenzhe Received an Interview by Guyana TVG

On January 7th, 2011, H.E. Chinese Ambassador Yu Wenzhe received an interview by Guyana TVG and answered several questions concerning Guyana Economy, China-Guyana bilateral relation, the relevant economic and technical cooperation between the two countries and some mutually interested topics etc.

When asked how he feels about many Chinese nationals who have established businesses in and around Georgetown, he said he is happy that the business relations between the two countries are progressing. Also, he stressed the importance of Chinese investors abiding by the laws and regulations of Guyana, and living “ in harmony with the local people”. “I hope and believe that the relations bring concrete benefits to the people of both countries,” Ambassador Yu related.

He said the Guyanese economy is doing better when compared to some of its Caribbean counterparts even amidst the lingering global financial crisis, noting that the local business community has tremendous confidence in the economy and the future of the country.

Many Chinese companies, the ambassador observed, would usually come to Guyana to explore areas for economic cooperation not only with the government but also linkages with the private sector. This is highly encouraged by the Embassy in Guyana and, this year, the Embassy plans to advance these activities, encouraging investments in agriculture, forestry, and other areas. These possible investors recognize the vast land space available in Guyana to aid natural resource development.

Commenting on some of the challenges still facing the country, Ambassador Yu pointed to a need for more improvements with regard to existing infrastructure, energy sources and supply, as well as communication. However, he acknowledged that the government and the people are aware of these shortcomings and are making efforts to improve the situation. He recognized, too, the potential for the commercial production of oil, which if realized, would further add to Guyana’s development, both economically and socially.

He further stated that the relations between the governments and peoples of China and Guyana are very good and, through this partnership, Guyana has benefited from China’s help on several big projects.At present, the two countries are discussing a few other projects such as assistance for Guyana’s its telecommunications development and establishment of e- Governance.

Further, China has enabled a number of Guyanese to pursue advanced studies and trainings in various disciplines at 100 of China’s institutions of higher learning. To date, over 30 Guyanese have benefited from the scholarship programme, while eight others are expected to join the initiative this year.One of the focus areas of the Chinese mission in Guyana has been promoting cultural linkages. The mission often uses the celebrations of its new year to promote the Chinese culture within Guyana.

                                               (Source:Guyana Times)
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